Guidelines on How to Select the Best Cell Tower Leasing Consultant


The business of leasing cell tower can be tiresome especially when you do not know around the market and even the laws. Hence, for you to have an easy time and lease it at a reasonable price without making any loss, then you should hire a consultant who will advise accordingly.

You need someone who is experienced in working as a consultant of a cell tower. Therefore, you should ask the number of years they have been working, and it should be more than five years. More years means the expert knows the rules of the cell tower leasing and even the market price. The cell tower consultant should have references to show they have been offering the services to which helped them to gain the expertise required to handle your cell tower leasing. You might need to make several calls to the list of clients in their references to ensure that the services they received or they are still receiving from the consultant are of quality and are satisfied with them. It will guide you in making sure you hire someone who has the expertise to offer quality services.

You should consider hiring someone who has been offering the services at present years. The cell tower leasing cannot be predicted without having analyzed the
previous year’s trend. Thus, you need someone who has been in the last few years working as a consultant for them to have all the knowledge about the market and what has changed so far. It will help the consultants to guide and advise you accordingly to ensure that you get the profit from the leasing of a cell tower. Learn more here:

The most thing people forget when choosing a consultant is selecting someone they can work with during the leasing process. Some of the transactions will take months or year to close them. Consequently, you will have to work with the consultant for more than a year before you even get through to choose another one. Accordingly, you should ensure that the expert you select is someone you are comfortable working with all the time you need.

The amount of money you will have to pay for the services should be determined. Most of the time the payment of the consultant should be around 20% of the total rent collected. Therefore, you should be prepared to offer that as the payment. However, if you feel you are overcharged, then you should look for another consultant who is around the standard fee. Click here for more:


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